Starts the First International Conference on Educational Sciences "Challenges and Quality Development in Higher Education"

Faculty of Philosophy and Education at Hëna e Plotë-BEDËR University  in collaboration with "Aleksander Moisiu" University, Prishtina University, "Fatih" University in Istanbul and the Center for Democratic Education, organized the First International Conference on Educational Sciences " Challenges and quality development in Higher Education". At the conference researchers and academics from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey and other countries have referred on topics related to the challenges of higher education and quality development in this field. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of accrediting institutions in the country, academics, researchers and other guests.

Chairman of the Conference, and Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Education Dr. Ahmet Ecirli (Exhirli), in his speech thanks the participants for attending and expressed his conviction that the organization of this conference, in Albania, is an opportunity for researchers and academics from various institutions of higher education to share ideas and experiences "The aim of the conference is to contribute improving quality in higher education, and to discussion about the challenges and solutions in this field. I am convinced that the papers of the participants in this conference will be a valuable resource to be considered as recommendations for improving academic quality, infrastructure development and implementation of technology in higher education" said Prof. Ecirli.
Meanwhile in his speech to the attendees, the Rector of Hëna e Plotë-BEDËR University, Dr. Ferdinand Gjana stated that "This conference is organized at a moment where all problems and difficulties in higher education, legislators and academics should try to create an education system with clear objectives that must adapt and competitive labor market in terms of quality. We are all conscious that this process is not very easy to achieve because it involves many players and requires a certain time. To successfully implement this process is necessary that the leaders of higher education institutions, academics, students, parents and politicians, to take an active role in it. ".
He also spoke on the importance of university activities focus on three main pillars as teaching process, research and contribution to society.
The opening ceremony also welcomed the Rector of "Aleksandër Moisiu” University Prof. Dr. Mit’hat Mema, who emphasized the importance of cooperation between public and private universities to advance research and knowledge exchange in order to increase the quality.
The meeting also welcomed the Rector of "Suleyman Shah" University in Turkey, Professor. Dr. Huseyin Ekiz; Prof. Dr. Bardhyl Musai, Chairman of the Accreditation Council and Rector of European University of Tirana, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Tonin Gjuraj. During the conference sessions about 60 presentations will be refer by participants.