About Department

The Computer Science Department aims at:

  • Gaining from the side of the graduates in the bachelor's programs of a base engineering culture in the sciences of general development and the sciences of basic specific development.
  • Enabling students to communicate clearly in writing or through technical concepts presentations.
  • Preparing students with the necessary communication skills for integration into work teams in multidisciplinary sectors.
  • Involvement of students in the realization of teaching activities closely related to practical activity, participation in national international projects and being a partner with many foreign counterparts.

The main goals of the department are:

  • Preparing students with basic supportive theoretical knowledge in the function of information technology.
  • Recognition of students with the latest technologies used in the field of information and communication technology.
  • Recognition of students with the basics of the conceptualization and implementation of supporting hardware of IT systems.
  • The graduates' earnings in bachelor programs of a basic engineering culture in the sciences of general formation and of the underlying specific formation.
  • The Computer Science Department has as its main mission to prepare students with basic application knowledge in the field of information and communication technology as well as in supporting disciplines, to form specialist with selected practical competences in the areas of system implementations informatics as well as to operate specialists in relation to the needs of information technology in the public or private sector.


Graduates from this program can be hired as:

  • Mobile application developers.
  • Data administrator.
  • Web developer.
  • Network administrators.
  • IT specialists on security issues.
  • Production of various software, near different businesses in the private sector.
  • Implementation of third party information systems; telecommunications, banking system, health system; the transport system; electronic business.
  • Management of information systems, computer support analysts, network management systems, database administration, etc.