Mentor Kikia: Media, an important role in the rise of nationalist sentiment

The news editor at Top Channel, a well-known journalist Mentor Kikia during a panel with the students of the Department of Communication Sciences at the Hëna e Plotë  (BEDËR) University, emphasized that the role of media in the wake of nationalist sentiments in society, is very important.

Invited in the cycle of open lectures on Media and Politics, organized by the Department of Communication Sciences, Mr. Kikia referred on the topic “Neo-Albanian nationalism – The influence and role of media”. Mr. Kikia made a detailed description about the Albanian nationalist movements, the raising of the nationalist sentiment and the impact it has had in the inner social organization of the Albanians. According to him, the Albanians should learn to make a better use of their national attributes and use them in the nation’s benefaction without causing discontentment to others.
Referring to the role of media on this field, he said that they have played an important role in preserving the national identity as well as other major issues such as the case of maritime borders with Greece.
Responding to students’ interest about the idea of unification of all the Albanian lands, he said that it would represent the beginning of another regional turmoil. Mr. Kikia expressed that it perhaps belongs to the future to expect the creation of the Natural Albania.