The three-day program of the Institute for Religious Freedom and Democracy starts

The Institute for Religious Freedom and Democracy, organized by Bedër University College and the H. Ali Korça Foundation, with the support of the Public Relations Office at the US Embassy in Tirana, opened today the works of the three-day program, where participants are students from different universities in our country.
At the opening ceremony, which was held at  University Collage Beder , attended by personalities from different fields, who appreciated the necessity of such initiatives, where the focus is placed on young people.
In the opening speech, the Rector of  Bedër, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana thanked the participants who responded to the invitation, and praised the support provided by the US State Department for such initiatives. Prof. Gjana stressed that religious harmony in Albania is a relief for all the wounds that our society faces today. He stressed the fact that Albania has resolved on time issues related to dialogue and religious freedom, thus becoming an example for other European countries and beyond.
Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Albania, Prof. Vasilika Hysi appealed to the young people present, that they are the ones who can contribute more to say no hate speech, promoting the best models. "Education is the best way to say no to the phenomena that incite hatred and war", emphasized Ms. Hysi, promising that the Albanian Parliament will work harder to draft better laws and provide sufficient budgets for good education. She invited the young people present at the Institute for Religious Freedom and Democracy at a parliamentary hearing to promote the best models of interreligious harmony and dialogue.
President of the "H. Ali Korça ", Skender Bruçaj, in his speech focused on the right to freedom of belief and exercise. "According to the Islamic faith, God has left us free to choose faith, based on conscience," he said. Brucaj, adding that in religion there is no obligation to select trust.
The United States Embassy's Human Rights Officer, Ian Crawford, reminded those present that for five hundred years, Albanians, Muslims and Christians, have coexisted in harmony. "It was not just tolerance to one another; you have loved and respected one another. For half a millennium, you have been an example of interreligious relations not only in the region, but also in the world, "said Mr. Crawford.
Deputy Minister of Justice, Toni Gogu, left the idea of ​​cooperation between the students of theology, to contribute to the increase of the role of the family. "We like Albanians the things we have to appreciate. Where necessary, we should also intervene for improvements, "emphasized Mr. Gog, adding that the right to trust is inalienable and man is born with him.
The works continued with the announcements of other guests. Before the students, Loreta Aliko, Chair of the Cults Committee; z. Agron Sojati, director of the Center for Combating Violence and Extremism; z. Besnik Mustafaj, former Foreign Minister.
The Institute for Religious Freedom and Democracy will continue its work for the next two days, where besides discussions and trainings with well-known scholars of the field, activities are also foreseen to recognize the values ​​of religious harmony in Albania, as well as visits to clay objects in Tirana.