The second day of the Institute of Religious Freedom and Democracy

The Institute for Religious Freedom and Democracy continued its work on its second day with trainings, discussions and visits to institutions and objects of cults.
Today's program was opened with a panel discussion on the topic: "Religion, Freedoms and Democracy", in which guests were Dr. Geore Gaitanos in charge of the Department of Social Theology, Logos; Don Arjan Add the Vicar General of the Diocese of Tirana-Durrës and Dr. Atakan Derelioglu lecturer at the Department of Islamic Sciences, Beder.
Dr. Geore Gaitanos spoke about the perspective of the Orthodox Church in Religious Freedom and Democracy, and on the importance of human dignity by which man holds moral and legal responsibility.
"The source of religion is conscience," said Mr. Arjan Add, in his speech on the Catholic Church's Perspective on Religious Freedom and Democracy. He emphasized that every person is capable of knowing the faith.
While Dr. Atakan Derelioglu on his topic on the Perspective of Islam on Religious Freedom and Democracy expressed that cultural diversity is as necessary as human diversity in nature. "The Qur'an recognizes diversity as something necessary and advises us to behave well with others and to show respect for them." - said Mr. Derelioğlu.
The program continued with a student visit to the Center for Combating Violence and Extremism, the Catholic Cathedral and the Orthodox Diocese Durrës-Tirana.