Master of Science in Computer Science

The study program “Master of Science in Computer Sciences” is designed to provide students with deep intellectual, contemporary and specific knowledge in the field of computer sciences. This program provides students with in-depth knowledge to work on a variety of socio-economic data as well as their application in the information system.
The main possible focus of the program is the management of large amounts of data (Big Data) generated by the local information system and the distribution of the method using the most advanced methods and tools of Artificial Intelligence. 
The main mission is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to professionals and qualified individuals who will contribute to the field of computer science with their analytical, scientific, technological, social and financial skills in the public or private sectors where they will be employed. The mission of the program Master of Science in Computer Sciences is to consolidate the practices gained during the first years in both theoretical and laboratory classes.
The main goal of the program is the implementation of the quality studies and the effective preparation of students through a harmonious combination of theory and practice  in a contemporary environment. This program aims to equip students with in-depth academic knowledge, competencies and knowledge applied in the field of computer science, data analysis, and information systems elements, in order to achieve professional fulfillment in a national, regional, and global market.
The aim of the program Master of Science in Computer Sciences is to prepare highly qualified specialists with knowledge in the field of object programming and Web programming, database management, intelligent programming, cyber security and processing information in large quantities.
The main objective of the program Master of Science in Computer Sciences is to provide the students with the most complete professional knowledge and training in the field of designation of various information systems, advanced knowledge of object programming and Web programming, database management of data, data security, and intelligent programming.
At the end of this program students should be able to process various data and services, use and adapt all modern equipment such as software and modern information technology systems, communicate effectively with customers, develop critical thinking and make ethical decisions in any situation.
Through an effective and up-to-date curriculum, this program aims to develop in students a deep worldview of computer science, combining it with as much practical support as possible, to achieve a high professional degree.
Another goal of the program is to prepare professional individuals who are trained to cope with the conditions of a global open market in the field of computer science.
Also, the knowledge and the competences gained in this program, give students the opportunity to pursue a research and academic career at a higher cycle, to increase their professional status and fulfill personal objectives.
In the near future, it is aimed that this program would be competitive with analogous programs offered by other universities, thus creating opportunities for our students to be employed in companies, institutions and agencies inside and outside the country. Within a few years, the aim is to cooperate with European universities and beyond, which will create opportunities to follow the latest news around the world in the field of computer science and their application in the country. This cooperation will be accompanied by stronger investments in the department and laboratory logistics as well as the absorption of more qualified teaching capacities. Another goal of the program will be the involvement of students in the establishment and operation of the Certification Center which will aim at the specific specializations of students of this program by making them ready to compete in highly qualified markets in Albania and beyond.
Through completion of the program Master of Science in Computer Sciences, students will be able to:
1. Apply knowledge of computing requirements and mathematics for information system solutions in computer sciences applications;
2. Analyze complex computing problems and apply principles of computing to identify solutions in different disciplines;
3. Design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the program’s discipline, utilizing techniques, skills, and tools;
4. Develop, understand and explain ethical, legal, security and social responsibilities impacting computer sciences,
5. Develop the ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal;
6. Develop an ability to communicate effectively, develop written and oral presentations of computer sciences solutions appropriate for a wide range of audiences;
7. Improve the basic competencies in the field of computer sciences and information, which include theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and essential skills for work in the field of computer sciences and communication technologies;
8. Gain detailed knowledge of computer sciences and informatics and the ability to apply knowledge gained in technical and other relevant professional fields (economics, organizational sciences, etc.);
9. Transmit knowledge to collaborators in technology and research groups, administrators, managers, etc.
Graduates in this program will gain the competence to independently solve the requirements of technology development, engineering and organization, as well as to do research in their fields of study, opening opportunities for further study in doctoral programs and other relevant third cycle programs. These program objectives are important for preparing students for the job market as well as for developing their businesses.
Type of program, duration, number of credits, etc.
Master of Science in Computer Sciences is a full-time study program and the duration of studies is 2 academic years / 4 semesters. Students must complete 120 ECTS to graduate. At the end of the program, students are provided with a degree: "Master of Science in Computer Sciences". The language of the program is Albanian.
The basic unit / provider unit of the study program
The program Master of Science in Computer Sciences is offered by the Department of Computer Sciences.